April 7th, 1925

Dear Betty,

We had a quiet day yesterday. No major kills for the gentlemen. Today, however, we were able to go by car, blessedly. 

We loaded into the truck, at which point it became obvious they were hoping to take us to where the gentlemen could kill a lion. I stamped my foot down immediately. I can be certain that Bast would not accept excuses on this front. The gentlemen clearly aren't happy with my decision. 

They have taken to speaking in quiet voices outside of my hearing, which concerns me. We didn't happen on a lion, so my resolve has not been fully tested. I hope it isn't fully as I have given an oath and I shall not be persuaded to go back on my promise to Bast. It is unthinkable. Frankly, I don't think  I would survive her wrath if I did.

Good night,


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