April 9th, 1925


We are still on safari, skirting the mountains north of Nairobi now. Africa continues to be a multitude of unexpected beauty and challenges.

I do believe Lord Covington has caught some illness or malady. He has become pale and sweaty, and decidedly unwell. Our guides have been every understanding, allowing him to take breaks and providing assistance for him. Covington, bless him, is soldiering on.

I do hope I don't get whatever it is. While I am starting to feel able for our daily treks, no doubt such an illness would finish me.

I saw a pack of hyenas today. The guides warned us it was likely feeding off a dead animal, so I declined to investigate, although they followed us for several hours afterwards. Chilling, really, the look the in their eyes. If I don't make it home, no doubt they will have my body picked clean in moments. I apologize for my morbidity, but it seems to have followed us these last few days.

Love always,


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