April 2nd, 1925 - Late

My dear Betty,

Well, the cat is truly out of the bag now. I apologise for the state of the previous letter, however it fell from my lap when the excitement started and I was only able to retrieve it after much had occurred. I can't sleep from the excitement of the day, and feel quite pleased with myself.

They all know now. Well, I assume Louis will tell Violet if he hasn't already, and Webber certainly knew what I'd done. No doubt Lord Covington suspects as well, so I consider it an open secret now. Its not as if Bast forbid me from speaking of it, indeed, she told me to sing her songs, so I don't imagine she will have a problem with their knowing.

Circumstances being what they are, Louis took the news of my appointment as a priestess of Bast quite well. He seemed slightly worried, but not disbelieving- presumably having witnessed my power call forth a fog to cloak us in. Really, I was impressed myself, I can hardly imagine he wouldn't be. He did not seem too convinced of the talking to cats, though.

At any rate, we have settled into Nairobi and I know the gentlemen wish to be off on safari tomorrow, so I should attempt to sleep again. I just had to pen this quickly to let you know we are currently safe from any flying balls of flame and that I am finally feeling more secure in my new position. I shall tell you of Nairobi later.

Love always,

Priestess Rose
(not sure of that title, yet, though)

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