March 31st, 1925


I feel much better having gotten that off my chest. I don't know why I procrastinated so long in writing it.

We land tomorrow in Mumbasa, where we shall catch a train to Nairobi, still on the trail of Elias and the Carlyle Expedition. I've been reading again, a book called the People of the Monolith, which is practically banal in comparison to others that I have read lately. I do believe it sounds like the author has encountered some of what he writes about and gone soft in head. Mostly it is lots of poetry. Actually, I thought it fairly quaint.

I am also re-reading the Black Rites, that which speaks of my new deity, Bast, although it really misses a lot of the nuances, now that I've been taught more. Doctor Webber and Violet have been reading the Liber Ivonis, and I gather not enjoying it as much.

I do hope you and yours are well. I fear I shall miss your latest missives until they are sent on from Cairo. Hopefully they will land at the Nairobi hotel shortly.

Love always,


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